Predictive & Prescriptive

Monitor your production operation and
detect fraud attempts

In the 21st century, machines are no longer dependent on manual programming. They can learn from historic data and predict future events. The AI technologies “Predictive und Prescriptive Analytics" offer many new opportunities.

Predictive Analytics deals with the recognition of patterns and the prognosis of events. Prescriptive Analytics furthermore delivers recommendations for actions, how a certain trend can be influenced in a desired direction, an unexpected event can be avoided or how you can react to a future event.

Both AI procedures are used in different industries – from automatization in mechanical engineering (Industry 4.0), the health sector (treatment of diseases) and the optimization of marketing strategies to Fraud Detection with banks and insurance companies.

Learn, how Cash Logistik Security lets its transactions be checked automatically by Predictive Analytics

Our solutions cover your entire analytics cycle – from data collection to quality assurance in ongoing operations

  • Data Mining: Preparation and evaluation of data from various sources.
  • Data analysis: Processing of data with the aim of collecting and providing useful information.
  • Modeling: Analysis and validation of different machine learning models. The focus is on the optimization of the model performance.
  • Supply (Scaling-into-Production): The results of the analysis are integrated into the daily decision-making process. Based on this, automated decisions in the ongoing operations can be taken.
  • Monitoring:(Quality Assurance and Governance): The models used are permanently controlled in order to make sure that the desired results are reached.

Predictive Analytics by targens:
In a nutshell!

Our advanced solutions can be used in many fields and cover the entire analysis process – from data mining to quality assurance and data governance.

In order to achieve this, our AI based Predictive Analytics procedures are used for more than just detecting irregularities or fraud attempts. They cover the entire life-cycle of your analytics project.

Thanks to Prescriptive Analytics we also provide you with specific recommendations for action in order to influence trends or prevents events, like a decline in sales!

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