Explainable AI

AI decisions
explainable and transparent

Each Artificial Intelligence project requires documentation which makes the decisions taken transparent. In short: AI and XAI belong together. The targens AI team delivers task analytics services as well as individual software solutions to satisfy those needs.

What is Explainable AI?

Explainable AI or abbreviated XAI include methods and techniques that make activities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) transparent and clearly explainable. XAI is aimed to clearly understand why AI took certain decisions.

Why is Explainable AI so important?

In many AI-based systems users do not know how and why existing results came about. This is called the “Blackbox”-Problem. Without a solution to the “Blackbox”-Problem, AI procedures in many cases cannot be used due to legal issues. Examples are automated financial trading or the evaluation of medical studies. Companies therefore must rely on AI that takes transparent and reproducible decisions. Explainable AI takes a central function in this. It is fundamental to enable companies to reap the benefits AI solutions offer.

Which XAI solutions does targens offer?

As a service, our AI team analysis your models. We also evaluate your proprietary systems while doing this. You get an extensive report on the operating mode of your model, including an analysis of predictions that were already carried out. These will individually be explained and depicted transparently within the result report. As a result, you receive an AI transparency report.

Additionally, our AI team helps you automate the XAI process. We develop and program an individual software solution and integrate it into your existing workflows. The result: Your models and the decisions taken by your AI can be explained continuously and automated – and all this in an understandable manner.

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WWhich principles do our XAI solutions fulfill?

1. Explainability globally
You get clear answers to important questions concerning the functionality of your AI model: Which data does it use, in order to take which decisions? How is this data evaluated by the model? How does the model, e.g. weight single attributes like skin color or gender?

2. Explainability locally
Each individual decision of the model has to be transparent for the human being. How did decisions come about? Why was transaction A conspicuous for the model? Why was transaction B inconspicuous?

3. Repeatability (deterministic)
ENo matter how often the procedure is repeated: When entering the same input data the model always has to deliver the same result.

Which advantages and use are in the targens XAI solutions?

  • With targens XAI, predictions of AI become understandable for the user.
  • Our solutions play an important role in the optimization and improvement of AI systems. This is because XAI methods and techniques are used to detect errors and deviations in the models in good time. This in turn prevents wrong and unwanted decisions.
  • Our XAI solutions explains the decisions of AI-based models and systems. Therefore they can be used productively even in strongly regulated fields like the pharmaceutical industry and the financial sector.
  • XAI can also be used as a basis for "Prescriptive Analytics". Here it is important to not only predict the future but control it actively. One example: Using an AI model you can predict how your turnover will likely develop in the next weeks. XAI solutions additionally explain how this prediction came about. This includes an in-depth threat assessment. Based on this knowledge, you can now strengthen the factors that influence your turnover positively and reduce the negative conditions – all this, assuming that some of the factors can be influenced. This enables you to control the future turnover by Explainable AI today.

Explainable AI by targens:
In a nutshell!

Solve the „Blackbox“ problems of your AI models and AI systems with the targens XAI solutions.

Extend the applications of AI – especially in fields with strict compliance guidelines!

Optimize your AI models and AI systems continuously and use AI actively in order to control the future!

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