Conversational AI

Innovative Speech Recognition Technology
based on the latest findings of AI

Conversational AI

Technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) revolutionize the business world. Adequately equipped digital assistants exceed well-known speech recognition systems by far: They understand human colloquial language, recognize semantic context and draw conclusions from the collected information.

Should anything be unclear, an automatized request is generated. Thus, next generation chatbots evolve into perfect mediators between human beings and computers. Thus, satisfaction with customer support is increased and internal expenses are reduced.

This is how our project planning and implementation of a Conversational AI solution are structured:


We start out with a detailed requirements analysis paired with an efficiency prognosis. The product development based on a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) depends on the idea to develop a ready-to-use laboratory model in a short time in order to receive concrete customer feedback. At the same time, first scaling scenarios are outlined.


Using the requirements defined in step one, we proceed with the development of a prototype, including a demo of the planned functionalities..


During the next phase we incorporate the insights gained in the prototyping phase. In addition, we adapt the solution to the system environment of the client.


Now, the final MVP is developed which in most cases already goes live after a short period of time. Open interfaces (APIs) allow the implementation On- Premise in the customer’s company, within the desired cloud environment or in the targens Cloud.


After the successful introduction, the MVP can be expanded at any time or be adapted to the customer’s needs – horizontally and vertically.

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targens Conversatiol AI puts the focus on the customer –
24/7, in real-time and on all available communication channels:

  • on web (Chatbot, Customer Support)
  • on smartphone or tablet (App, Mobile Messenger)
  • via a voice portal (Voice-Based Interaction)
  • via a contact center (Interactive Voice Response)
  • via an info screen (Human Support Augmentation)


Conversational AI

Conversational AI by targens:
In a nutshell!

targens brings your customer communication to a new level using the latest technologies of Artificial Intelligence!

The focus is on an in-house developed speech recognition system that can be operated on-premise at your company.

We cover all phases from project planning to the implementation of Conversational AI solutions and also take care of the scaling.

With this innovative concept the satisfaction of your customers will increase. Furthermore your support agents are relieved and costs are reduced.

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