Machine Intelligence
with explanation mode

Machine Intelligence with
explanation mode

If an AI system detects anomalies during the booking or payment it automatically generates an alert notification. It shows all available information and explains what makes the transaction conspicuous. All alerts are depicted in one overview. For the postprocessing one set of eyes is sufficient and the double check principle is no longer necessary.

targens Explainable AI:
the big points

  • Adjustable release of alerts by adaptive AI systems
  • measurably improved security during hit processing
  • massive reduction of cases that have to be edited manually
  • employees can focus on complex cases
  • Application fields in segments that had to do without AI tools until now due to legal issues, e.g. medical science (evaluation of studies) or in the financial sector (automated trading)

With our pioneering concept, the number of critical cases that have to be edited manually can be reduced by up to 80 percent. The implementation into the existing IT architecture is fast and uncomplicated. Even regulated branches can benefit from our extensive AI expertise.