Intelligent assistance tool
for call centers of pharmaceutical company ratiopharm

Conversational AI

Individual communication via different channels, that sets the customer in focus.

Until lately the pharmaceutical company ratiopharm had to fight long process runtimes in its customer care hotline. Main reasons were unstructured data and associated time-consuming manual search procedures in various databases. The use of a chatbot was out of question, as to the company a personal customer contact is of high value.

Call center agent with artificial intelligence

The Conversational AI-Tool from targens uses a new, self-developed speech recognition technology. It is thus able to process telephone calls in real time, recognize customer concerns and present all relevant information clearly on the screen of the hotline employee.

The intelligent targens solution is not just useful as a call center tool, but also in a webchat, on a smartphone app and in mobile messengers – on premises in your own computer center, the company cloud or in the targens cloud. 24/7 availability is guaranteed.

A further use case:
the Conversational AI Compliance Helpdesk

Industrial and financial companies often receive requests to the complex topics of compliance and regulation rules. Until now the processing is carried out manually per e-mail or phone in most cases. Hereby, considerable redundancies come about. The adaptive dialog system by targens can not only accept incoming questions, process and document it, but also automatically generates the fitting answers and sends it back.

targens Conversational AI:
the key points

  • the core is an innovative, in-house developed speech recognition technology
  • massive increase in customer and employer satisfaction
  • flexible adaptation to the respective customer use case
  • high shortening of process runtimes
  • structured supply of information
  • ongoing documentation (essential for compliance!)
  • low educational and training efforts
  • simple integration into the existing IT architecture (open interfaces, APIs)
  • 24/7-Service, operation on premises or in the cloud
  • fulfillment of all EU GDPR requirements: no storing of personalized data, audit-proof recording

Many companies remain too long in the proof of concept stadium when it comes to Conversationa AI. Therefore, they give away important competition advantages and run the risk to fall behind in respect to customer satisfaction. Our intelligent dialog system can be operated in almost any IT environment.

When will you start into the era of Conversational AI with targens?